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Had an idea for adding factions in the game


I think when orgs get redone, patricians should also get redone into an idea of making zones and factions in the game. So for an example, there's the BVM and Mortarian Santum in charge of Blackvine, and that would be one of the zones/factions.
The MVG and the patrician assigned to Monlon would be another faction as an example. If there's not a patrician for Vetallun yet, assign one in a new patrician program, and make it for the TM and that patrician as a faction as some examples. Anyway, with established zones and factions, I would want a bit of a revamp for Pickpocketing. Special mobs that could be targeted in a zone that you could obtain reputation harming that area's faction via theft. If say, 100 talents is getting stolen from Blackvine's faction in an individual year, it should cause a noticeable hit to the influence of the faction there/income coming in to encourage the players to hire more guards, to do more events and try and combat it. But there would be more reputation based things involved to help improve reputation for a faction. As an obvious gimme, the Franlius battlefields rep system could be applied to the Legio, there would be an x threshold of armbands needing to be turned in in an IG year and exceeding that would give a benefit and going beneath it would incur a penalty. For Vetallun's, the rep system could be for the TM clearing the road, make that huge bandit that comes out when picking up coins/jewelry on the road have an armband that can be turned in basically for a reputation reward in Vetallun. These are the basic themes of what I would want for the zones and a reputation based system inside of it. I would want mechanisms in place for PvE and PvP for each faction to improve or harm their standing with one another. I think it would make the game...FEEL more dynamic and like our choices mattered a bit more. Thoughts?

Topic starter Posted : 03/12/2020 8:42 am
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