=[Upcoming Events]============================================================
Watch out for these upcoming events! (All times Eastern.)

8:30pm – For Strength and Honor
As war rages on, the people of Iridine grow restless. To keep the
masses entertained, the Colosseum will once again host a set of
Gladiatorial games. Fighters of all skill levels are encouraged to come
relish in the glory of the arena.


5:00pm – HOWLS! Silver Wolves!
Calling all Wolves. As some may have heard, the stable
has a new Lanista. This is a meeting to call all Current
wolves to the ludus for a roll call, to see who our active
Gladiators are, we have been sleeping long enough. If you
can not make the meeting then please contact Krem beforehand
Gladiators who do not check in or attend the meeting will be
taken off the roster and will have to attend a fight night to
resubmit their pledge.

( Silver Wolves only. All others keep eyes and ears open
as we will soon be hosting our first fight night and
recruitment in years.)

8:00pm – The Fruit of Labor
As the battle rages, a new beacon of security has taken shape. To say
thanks, Tribune Rumintis Pardelian will dispatch the Legio’s smith to
the Monlon fort and make him available to those whose efforts helped
supply the building effort. All of those who are listed on the statue
beside the medical tent are invited to bring an item for the smith to
work on.
[This event will follow typical item alteration guidelines. No quality
improvements or changes to the mechanics of the base item will be made.]

9:00pm – Arma Stringe! Legio Recruit Muster III
Recruits are to muster outside the gate of the newly built Monlon Fort.
The war rages on, and recruits must learn to fight alongside soldiers.
[Open to Legio I Legionaries and Recruits}


11:30pm – Monlon: Social Disequilibrium
A sinking feeling of unease begins to turn to unrest as reality begins
to descend upon the Republic. Decades of stalemate war in Franlius
become one of several discussion points back in Iridine behind the
safety of the Lantos Wall. In Monlon more difficult conversations are
being had…

[Be on the look out for casual interactions as well as more involved
opportunities to engage with the story of Monlon throughout the
following months. Some story outcomes will be decided by character
actions and decisions.]