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An Auction for the People, by the People  


Here's a list of what is up for grabs at tonight's auction. It's still under review, so some pieces may not show up depending on what comes back. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Item Description
a boison gladius with a vibrant white hilt and a pink tourmaline pommel
an elegant maroon thick leather corset
an indigo bronze helmet with a faceplate resembling a distressed cow (neck protection)
a boison axe with a lacquered ash haft (superior)
a curved silver chain with a small, jade-embedded seelan charm
dursc quarterstave with light cobalt blue thick leather grips (superior)
an alanti-tipped spear with an earthen brown haft (superior)
An iron-tined trident with a painted moskan haft (superior)
A boison-tined trident with a deep forest green (superior)
A boison dagger with a painted black walnut hilt (superior)
a smooth silver anklet dotted with numerous expertly-cut pieces of dark jade
a dainty seelan anklet inset with many uncut pieces of dark jade
a gold bronze helmet with a face shield resembling a deadpan shark (neck coverage)
a thick brass necklace with a small, dark jade-embedded silver charm
some emerald mail shoulder guards with golden cotton brocade lining
some delicate zinc earrings with a single small, expertly-cut piece of pearl
a bright pure white scale whip with a lacquered dursc handle (excellent)
a hair whip with a deep walnut brown handle (excellent)
a scintillating amethyst iron cestus with deep brown doeskin streamers (excellent)
A pale silver boison cestus with pale silver (x2, excellent)
a dark indigo iron cestus with dark indigo doeskin tassels (superior, x1)
a walnut brown studded leather cestus with walnut brown linen bands (superior, x1)
a box stamped with a simple image of a looped-stemmed wine glass (set of 6)
a simple alabaster silk velvet toga, reinforced with alabaster soft leather
a tangerine wall shield with tangerine silk brocade bands (superior)
an argent pewter-embellished lorica squamata
a blue lorica squamata, with a sapphire trout
a flowing gold tightly woven wool robe
some thick gold earrings with a single small, expertly-cut piece of obsidian
a simple light grey silk brocade stola, reinforced with light grey fur
a rectangular dark topaz softwood frame, backed with dark topaz thick leather
a rectangular silver birch frame, backed with silver doeskin
a thick silver anklet inset with many well-cut pieces of lapis lazuli
a thick silver necklace bearing the visage of a round-faced man
thin brass chain with a small, gemstone-embedded boison medallion
a stuffed sword cat
an iron charm shaped like a cat
a leather belt studded with brass crescent moons
a thin silver necklace with a single small, expertly-cut piece of red garnet
a body-hugging sleeveless leather tunic
an elongated retalq gladius (superior)
a boison-tipped spear with a painted ash haft
--an emerald lantern made of ceramic, resembling a miniature tree
--a dark purple lantern made of ceramic, resembling a fluffy squirrel
--a boison gladius with a pale white hilt
--a ruby fur scabbard
--a silver lockpick x2
-- a black walnut gyrax figurine
--a tiny carved wooden sparrow
--a black satchel embroidered with a golden stag
--a silver amulet etched with a gladius
lorica hamata and shoulder guards with gold trim (sold as set)
a boison mace with a handle carved in a criss-cross pattern (excellent)
a bleeding heart rug
A stuffed Wolverine
A Large turtle-shell backpack
A silver ring bearing a roaring sapphire lion
alanti-plated leather gauntlets etched with a ghastly vigil
a radiant white leather large sack, edged with radiant white thick leather
a snow white towering oval shield
a stuffed small vivid red crested bird


Posted : 06/11/2020 11:00 pm