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Event: FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 2021 - 9:00pm - The House of Cards


FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 2021

9:00pm - The House of Cards
   The Harbor's Sailing Serpent Casino opens its doors to an evening of
   drinking, games of luck, and storytelling. Those who spend coin, tell
   or lend an ear to a tall tale, and taste the local vintages, may find
   themselves in good fortune, as prizes will be awarded throughout the
   night to the creative and daring.
   (Guests with utmost discretion may seek a private session of cards and
   dice of a different sort. Per the custom of the Haruspex, worthy gifts
   are required as payment for a question asked.)



************The Sailing Serpent Casino Proudly Presents************

                  A Tournament of Sailor's Dice
A Brief History of the Game:

Before the Senate banned foreign ships from docking in the Harbor, it was one
of Midlight's busiest tradeports. Sailors, Merchants, Mercenaries, and so on
traveled from all over to make their fortunes in Iridine, and with them they
brought various games of chance from their homelands. The exact origins of
Sailor's Dice are unknown, it is believed to have been cobbled together from
other games trravelers brought with origins from Gadaene, Remath, and Tuchea.
You can see people playing on street corners, passing the time in taverns,
between loading and unloading on the docks, and when any laborer has spare
time and spare coin.

The rules are simple, and now you have your chance to learn, and earn, from
the Management of the Sailing Serpent Casino.

A shooter rolls three dice until they have a hand. Some hands are instant win
hands and some hands are instant loss hands. Once a hand is set, the next
player rolls until they either roll an instant win combination, an instant
lose combination, or an acceptable hand. Play continues until a player rolls
an instant win, all other players have rolled instant lose hands, or all
remaining players have rolled acceptable hands and the player with the highest point wins.

Instant Win Combinations:
A roll of Four-Five-Six
A three of a kind roll
Any pair with a Six

Instant Loss Combinations:
A roll of One-Two-Three
Any pair with a One

Acceptable Hand combinations:
Any other pair with a number not listed above as instant wins or instant

How to play:

All players roll dice to randomly decide the first shooter. Whoever rolls the
highest on three dice is the first shooter, and the rest sit at the table in
the order they rolled. [The host will track this on the chalk board.]

Once the order is set, blind bets are posted. The player to the left of the
shooter will post the small blind and the player to the left of that one will
post the big blind. For this tournament, blinds will start at 25d/50d, so the
pot will start with 75d.

Betting will begin with the player to the left of the one that posted the
big blind. They must bet at least 50d to play, but are allowed to bet up to
five times the big blind (250d). Each player has an opportunity to bet, going
clockwise. When it is your turn to bet, you may Call, Raise, or Fold.

Call - Put money into the pot to equal the current bet.
Raise - Meet the current bet and bet more on top.
Fold - Decide to stay out of the round, but all of the money previously bet
remains in the pot.

Once all players have called or folded, after all raises have been met,
players who are still in the game that have not folded begin rolling the dice
in order starting with the shooter position.

The first player to roll an Instant Win Hand wins outright and play stops. All
players that roll Instant Loss Hands have lost. Once all players have rolled,
if play did not stop due to an Instant Win Hand, the player who rolled a pair
with the highest third number wins.

If all players leading up to the last player roll an Instant Loss Hand,
the last player remaining wins and does not need to roll.

If there is a tie, there is another round of betting between the tied
players and they roll off again. The pot from the previous hand carries over.
This continues until there is one winner.

Entry Fee:
Each player will be required to pay 1500 denars to enter. This will be what
the player uses to bet with at the table, with each player being allowed a
total of 1500 denars to gamble with. Buy-backs will not be allowed, but it is
expected there will be mutliple rounds/games/etc at this event for players
who are eliminated but wish to play again.

The Sailing Serpent Casino will generously award 3 Talents to the winner
of each table for this game, after all other players have been eliminated,
and 1 Talent to the player coming in second. This is in addition to the
individual player winnings from other players. There will be no table rake
for this tournament.


Please ask any questions here about the game/rules/etc, looking forward to seeing you all there!


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Bump! Reminder that this is tonight!

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