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[Sticky] Guilds, Groups, and Organizations of the Republic

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The Legions: 
The Iridine Republic has two well-blooded veteran legions, Legio I and Legio II. As with any force of any size, neither legion is allowed to camp within the city or too close to its walls. Legio I occupies the Vetallun Fort about a mile and a half from the city proper, and Legio II occupies its own camp about a mile out from the city.

Blackvine Militia:
This group holds it as their responsibility to guard and help rebuild Blackvine, a small coastal town north of Vetallun. They are affiliated with Legio I, but have their own training and leadership.

Traevant Militia:
This group has a fort just north of the same named woods along the Vetallun Road where they patrol and keep the local bandits from harassing those traveling from the city to Vetallun. They are affiliated with Legio I, but have their own training and leadership.

Monlon Volunteer Guard:
The mission of the Monlon Volunteer Guard is to guard Monlon, the holy city of the Republic from all enemies. They are affiliated with Legio I, but have their own training and leadership.

The Iridine Constables:
The constables of Iridine, together with the elite Phoenix Guard soldiers, keep the peace in the city proper, and it is not the easiest of tasks. Both are trained in proficient use of weapons and people-handling, and both have strict requirements for those who wish to join their ranks. The constables are in the City of Iridine’s employ to help assure the safety of the streets. They lead investigations, make arrests, and help those that have been victimized.

Divortium Auxilii:
The Auxilii hold it as their duty to welcome newcomers to the City of Iridine. They aid newcomers in the ways of Iridine, give them information on where to begin their new life, and often offer useful gifts. If you’d like to join their ranks and welcome newcomers to Iridine, ask any Auxilii member when the next recruitment will be.

Guild of Locksmiths:
The GoL is a fellowship of locksmiths in the City of Iridine. If you aspire to be a locksmith and would like the benefits of a society of locksmiths this is the guild for you. You can usually find many of their members within Apula's lock shop located north of the Bronze lane marker.

Healers of Light:
The Healers of Light are a professional guild for healers. They offer training and supplies to new and experienced healers alike in an effort to assure that as many healers as possible are responsibly trained.

The Harbor Rats:
Do your hands twitch every time you see a pouch unguarded? Do you find it impossible to refrain from perusing other’s belongings and ‘transferring’ the ownership of certain items? If this sounds interesting and you’d like the opportunity to join a larger group that looks after its own, offers a place to sell one’s acquisitions, and a safe haven when things heat up, perhaps The Harbor Rats are for you. They are one of many of Iridine’s competing crime organizations, with turf in the city’s Harbor District.

Umbra Alati:
The southern quarter of the steps is home to a garish array of acrobats, actors, and prostitutes and marked by the characteristic Alati black circle with a silver or gray A at the center. During the day, the streets are alive with the riotous colors of these professions, a sharp contrast to the squalor of the streets themselves. Being close to the neutral zone, and offering a number of desirable services, the Alati welcome outsiders to the fringes of their turf. Off of Forum Mico, east of Forum Axonus, the visitor can find entertainment of all kinds, for a price. The forum itself has a public platform that performers can rent for a small fee. Indeed, Forum Mico is awash in the sounds of revelry both day and night. But, keep a tight hold on your pouches, lest some nimble fingered waif lightens your load for you.

There are darker rumors about the Umbra Alati, and, indeed, those that wander beyond Forum Mico talk of the Umbravis, enforcers of Alati territory, quietly but firmly directing them back to the fringes of Alati turf. Stories abound of hooded figures accosting those foolish enough to delve deeper into the Alati turf; and some speak of these hooded figures nimbly springing up the sides of buildings, and disappearing into the shadows. What is truth and what is the over active imaginations of victims of an alley mugging, who can say?

Black Centurions:
Just north/northeast of the Steps portcullis is the territory of a gang known as the Black Centurions. The edges of the territory are very strictly controlled, patrolled regularly by teams of gang members who observe all coming and going with alert gazes.

The Black Centurions use the symbol of a centurion's crested helmet in profile in black on a red circle. It has been observed that most gang members will wear some sort of strip of black cloth knotted about the left wrist for identification among themselves. One would think this an easy method to copy, and thus infiltrate the gang, but real gang members have been unerring in ferreting out impostors and teaching them the error of their ways. This leads one to the conclusion that there must be some other means of identification from one gang member to another. What that is, remains unknown. This gang carries themselves with a certain martial formality, their movements marked with the grace of skilled warriors. They walk boldly in their territory, alert and poised for action. The great bank in the center of the Centurions' forum is rumored to gladly give loans to qualified individuals for almost any reason whatsoever, but there are whispers of a higher price extracted should any individual fail to repay them on time.

The Black Centurions also run a bustling market with many and varied goods for sale, goods both domestic and foreign, and if the buyer refrains from asking too many questions, he or she may be allowed to see a good deal more than what is currently on display.

Despite the rumors of their activities, the Black Centurions display an odd respect for their fellow Step denizens, as long as they do not interfere with or antagonize them. Black Centurions have been known to protect denizens from their territory when riots sweep the area, sealing off the streets with barricades and manning them much like a legion against rioters and looters. With such disparate activities, one can only guess which to be rumor and which truth.

Cult of Ereal:
The religion or cult of Ereal is the official state religion of Iridine. The priests of the order work for the common good of all their fellow man, offering healing, guidance, and support where needed. They believe that they are the chosen to serve Ereal and as such follow their leaders in a strict hierarchy. There are three separate sects, each representing a different facet of the Sun God Ereal: The Sect of the Bright Hope, The Sect of Revealing Light, and The Sect of Nurturing Light.

Soldiers of Ereal:
Devoted to the personification of Ereal the Conqueror, these at times dangerous fanatics preach the strength of the All Conquering Sun and condone violence if it is done for the greater glory of the God. Having proved invaluable in the defense of Iridine lands against invaders and showing a softer exterior and seemingly more understanding in public has kept the Soldiers of Ereal from almost disbanding after the death of Junia Gracious. 

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Cult of Ereal:
The Sect of the Morning Light


It's the sect of bright hope.

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RIP Junia

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Cult of Ereal:
The Sect of the Morning Light


It's the sect of bright hope.


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