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[Sticky] Submit your Location and Library Updates for Role Points!

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Which Squares Need a Facelift?

Have you spotted some dusty old footprints that probably should have washed away by now? A burned out campfire that needs to be dismantled?

We’re looking for suggestions on locations (squares) that could use a cosmetic update.

Those who suggest areas that are refreshed will receive a small Role Point award.

Standing in the location that needs to be updated, please submit via @request - S (Suggestion).

Thanks to Lucky83 for suggesting this project!

The Library is Looking for Your Submissions!

In addition to refreshing squares, the Iridine Library is also refreshing its shelves, and is looking for additional contributions. In-character submissions of fiction, instructional guides, first-person historical accounts, poetry and more are welcomed.

Those whose works are selected for the shelves will receive a small Role Point award, with potential bonus RPs given for first-person accounts of historical happenings (in-game events).

To submit your content for consideration, please have your character scribe it on a codex, vellum or parchment, and drop it in the box outside the library. Don’t forget to label and sign your work to receive credit!

(If you submitted something within the last year or so, there's no need to submit it again - we will also be reviewing those submissions as well.)

Topic starter Posted : 04/04/2021 4:30 PM
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Have the books and documents that were submitted ever gotten into the Library? 

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Posted : 01/19/2022 8:28 AM
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