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Character Generation and Name

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Is there any chance that perhaps the character generator could be updated to assign the character file a random, sequential number at creation, and then have that number overwritten by the actual "name" at the END of character creation? 

I have heard many people complain or be sad about losing good names because of the way the generator is set up. Or, can the name chosen be recycled if the generation process is abandoned?

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Topic starter Posted : 10/15/2022 4:37 PM
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Just wanted to +1 this. Losing a good name is not enough to prevent me from re-rolling to get closer to a good set of starting stats, but it is enough to frustrate me _every_ time.

If the goal of having the name be consumed on a roll attempt is a roadblock to limit folks in re-rolling for better stats, I'm not sure it's accomplishing that. Instead it's just a frustrating player experience to grit and bear in order to get to the same end goal - just with less satisfaction and the loss of a great name.

I can understand the name being locked in once you finish and log into the game world, but it being locked in at the time stats are rolled for a VC feels very punishing in an already very heavily randomized process.

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Posted : 10/27/2022 5:50 PM
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