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TEC Wikidot Submission Contest!

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TEC Wikidot Submission Contest!


Hi folks! TEC Wikidot contributors here. Working hard at gathering and formatting as much helpful information as we can, and we want your help! What would -you- like to see on these pages and what can -you- contribute to the Wiki to make it better? Top new contributors will be chosen to receive some small prizes!

What we’re looking for:

- Guides: Want to teach players how to to navigate the intricacies of TEC? Maybe you’d like to see a few pages dedicated to breaking down how things like looting, holdings, property, brokering, reputation, patronage, or many other subjects, work? Check out the current guides (navigation on the far left) for examples of helpful pages.

- Lore: Much has been lost to the death of the old forums. If you have, or can find, lore about Midlight which deserves to be preserved, let’s rebuild this database. Lore must come from an official source to be considered canon. (Examples: in game, old GM posts in the forums, Help files.)
- **In Game Fiction:** Submissions that aren’t based on the above criteria for “official” lore are also welcome, and would be considered Fiction. (Examples: Caesarius sings a song about four brothers. Adelphi tells a story about a windy dark night in an esecarnus cave. Brutean found a scrap of old parchment with rantings of a mad man.)

- Maps: Pretty straightforward. Per request of GMs, areas with "fixed environmental dangers" should not be posted (e.g. traps in the swamp complex.)

- Missing/Inaccurate Info: Shop inventory, trainer info, reputation charts, loot, Blocks/Dodges chart, and more information on rules/limitations formatted in a logical way (Example: eviction mechanics.) etc. Search "todo" to find areas marked by our wiki editors as needing additional work: http://eternal-city.wikidot.com/search:site/q/tag%3Atodo

- Character Bios: Biographies about -your- characters(s) are also welcome.

Some more guidelines:

- New contributors can check out this page on how to set up an account. ( http://eternal-city.wikidot.com/system:join)
- Content will be screened by current Wiki contributors.
- Filtering out “find out in game” (FOIG) content will be in effect. (Examples of welcome content: OOC mechanics such as how brokering works, and In Game knowledge that would be commonly known amongst every day inhabitants of the Republic, such as a GM’s write ups of Steps history, relations with Cinera, and what’s sold in various shops. Examples of FOIG content that would be removed: maps of an organization’s hideouts, clandestine lore.)


Besides a big thank you for helping make the TEC Wiki a good resource, the top contributors will be chosen to receive donated Parchment Event prizes! Donated prizes currently include RPs Parchments and a grand prize of a VC6 package!

Deadline and Submissions:

- To submit content, please create a Wiki account ( http://eternal-city.wikidot.com/system:join ) to post directly into the wiki. Feel free to message Dragonus or TheD on Discord for help.
- We are eyeballing a deadline of June 30, 2021; adjustments may be necessary. 🙂

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