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[Closed] Housing Now Available in New Areas

GameMaster Admin

Hi folks!

We're happy to share that new housing locations are available in-game. You can now be the proud owner of your own swanky digs in Quartz Heights, a dirty slice of heaven in the Steps, and lots of other options.

The full list of domus purchase options now includes:

Sandbar (6 rooms) - 400 StP
Steps (5 rooms) - 500 StP
Blackvine (5 rooms) - 500 StP
Seld (5 rooms) - 500 StP
Rock Valley (4 rooms) - 500 StP
Quartz Heights (8 rooms, including one 20x20 room) - 600 StP

As a reminder, after a domus purchase, you are able to make cosmetic changes for only IG currency costs (no RP costs) through an @request. Additionally, you may @request new furniture items for those rooms with your own custom designs, also for IG-only costs (no RPs). Please note that because these are a zero RP cost, they become part of the domus and will be fastened down in the requested space.

If you would like to "reskin" one room type into another (for example, you don't need a dining room but would like a second bedroom) that cost is 1K RPs. This would be done via @request.

Additional domus rooms can be purchased for 2K RPs per room, contingent on GM approval and availability of space in which to build.

New hidden rooms are also a possibility, subject to GM approval, at a cost of 3K RPs per room. This option is not available for existing rooms.

All of the above @requests should be made from the room needing updates. If requesting a new room to be built, please @request from the connecting space.

More comprehensive information on how to @request each of these options, standard room types and furniture for each new domus, etc. will soon be found in the Welcome Room Real Estate Office.

Much of this information is *also* found in the domus purchase menu, which is found in the Spend StoryPoints menu in the Welcome Room.

Note that there are a limited number of structures in each area at this time, and they'll be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Topic starter Posted : 12/19/2020 11:58 PM
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