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[Closed] Patch Notes

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GM Admin

New Ferry:
- For those of you who did not hear IG, there is a new ferry that runs between Monlon and Rock Valley. The commands to use it are: to enter "go ferry", to exit "leave", to pull a wagon on board "pull wagon ferry", and to pull a wagon out "pull wagon out". The "wait for ferry" and "wait for dock" commands work as usual.

Black and Grey Ichor:
- Characters that consume ichor to raise their attributes as an alternative to the training courses are no longer penalized for drinking it instead of sipping it. Formerly, drinking the ichor would only give you the benefit of one sip, but would consume a full drink's worth. One can now drink or guzzle ichor and obtain the full benefits of the quantity consumed.

Topic starter Posted : 11/05/2022 6:17 PM
GM Admin

Character Attributes and Veteran Character Generation Updates

With the half off Veteran Character packages promotion ongoing, I decided to give the system a scrub to help players making new characters start off on the right foot.

First, there is the new @attributes command. It is available only to premium subscribers and is usable from the welcome area. This command will help you manage your character by displaying a neat table showing your character's attributes, in-character word descriptions, numerical values before and after trait bonuses/penalties, as well as your character's potential in that attribute. Also, the menu links to Role Point and Story Point attribute increase menus for convenience. For advanced players, it includes an option to delete potential in an attribute so that it can be further raised via Story Points. For newer players, there is an option that explains what the table columns mean and provides some general facts about raising attributes.

Note that raising attributes via the Story Point menu will not automatically delete potential. The rationale here is to prevent players who may not be very familiar with the system from inadvertently deleting attribute potential that could otherwise be used. When an attribute is raised to the point that the Story Point menu will not allow you to continue raising it, players may check for potential in that attribute with the @attributes menu and deleted it if desired.

Some players of very old characters may receive a red notice with their @attributes table. Years ago, some traits when combined with the old system would allow players to raise their character's attributes to absurd levels. This was eventually rectified circa 2017 when the modified attribute value cap of 250 was put in place, and later, the base attribute value cap of 200. Currently, characters with base attribute values over the current cap of 200 are considered grandfathered, and will be allowed to keep their attributes for as long as they wish. However, if you choose to retrait the character, the system will automatically set any base attribute values that are over the cap to 200.

Next, a few bugs related to raising attributes have been fixed. The most player-noticeable one being the one that would delete your potential in some rare circumstances. Players utilizing @attributes to keep an eye on their character's progress will be able to assist in tracking down similar bugs that may emerge in the future.

Additionally, the Veteran Character Attribute Store works a little differently now. Previously, there was a chance that the character's potential wouldn't be properly calculated. This should be solved now. Be aware that spending attribute points at the Veteran Character Attribute Store has the ability to overwrite your potential when raising an attribute. For example, if your character has a base value of 190 in Speed, and 10 potential in Speed, raising Speed by 1 point would leave the character with a base value of 191, and 9 potential.

The word level displayed by the Veteran Character Attribute Store is the value of the attribute after trait bonuses and penalties are applied. Although players can't use the Story Point menu to raise the attributes of characters that are still being outfitted in the Veteran Character Lobby, you can use the @attributes command to view the character's attribute values and potential and make credit expenditures accordingly.

P.S. Veteran Characters may now use the "credits" command while in the Veteran Character Lobby to view their remaining VC credits and attribute points.

Topic starter Posted : 01/03/2023 12:03 PM
GM Pranzor
Member Admin

1. You should no longer be able to inadvertently purchase Empathy, Appearance, or Charisma with role points.
2. You will still be able to purchase Empathy, Appearance, or Charisma with story points.
3. We have also removed the ability to purchase Empathy, Appearance, and Charisma from the Vet Lobby.
4. We will be looking at ways to improve how stat potential can be increased outside of the usual training course.
5. Natural increases and ichor will also be explored. This will be for stats that can be purchased with role points.
6. If you happen to have purchased Empathy with role points and have more than 10 potential, please put in an @report and we will put that potential into another role-point-purchasable stat. You must have MORE than 10 potential in it, though.

Posted : 01/16/2023 7:22 PM
GM Admin

Short Whip stances will no longer last for only 1 attack. Formerly, until the whipper was rank 90 in the stance associated with the attack, the whipper would need to re-enter stance before each attack, even if assuming the stance automatically due to being at rank 80 or higher in the stance. Short Whip stances should now act similarly to other combat skillset stances where you remain in the chosen stance until you choose to switch stances, exit the stance, or are otherwise interrupted in combat.

SP gained via unlearning will no longer be added to your @sp-count totals. I was under the impression that this was fixed when the new SP gain system was implemented. Kudos to the player who reported it. Due to how unreliable @sp-count totals are at being an accurate record of a character's skill progress, I am looking in to changing how that piece is factored into SP gain. Stay tuned for an update in that area in the near future.


Topic starter Posted : 03/15/2023 1:56 AM
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