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@Requests- GM's @ Siddhe

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@siddhe can we get an update on why @requests are 7 to 8 months out? I tried the request process even have one sent to you from Sept, no reply.

I understand we have real lives and things are busy, people are sick so forth.

We have active SG's whom have been keeping the game going forward

Promote them

Allow them to take over GM abilities to answer @ requests

move the game forward

I love Senses and Pranzor, but they are coders. 

We have Nik, Exoloison who have been pushing the game forward since everyone else seems Afk, inactive or gone.

we have had 50 plus active people

Let's go back to moving forward.

Please save the lack of customer support. 

I'm frustrated, alot of us are.

Please help



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Topic starter Posted : 11/18/2022 6:17 PM
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I wanted to respond that this post has been seen. Thank you for your feedback Kered.

Posted : 11/27/2022 10:13 AM