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[Closed] Veteran Character Packages

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Veteran Character Package 1000 - 20000 rolepoints

Regular & Premium
Veteran character packages are meant to encourage players to pursue multiple and diverse character experiences by alleviating some of the difficulty of starting a new character. Each package includes GSP to train skills, credits which can be spent on both standard and custom items, a modest amount of money in their bank account, and attribute points redeemable on attribute increases. The more expensive packages include a free makeover, and in some cases a free custom item, in addition to these perks.

Character Age                    Package Level
Six Months to One Year               1 (Free for Premium)
One to Two Years                       2 
Two to Three Years                     3 
Three to Four Years                    4 
Four to Five Years                      5 
Five to Six Years                        6 
Six to Seven Years                     7
Seven to Eight Years                  8
Eight to Nine Years                    9
Nine or more Years                   10 

The following packages are available:

Package(Cost)  GSPs Credits Wealth Attributes Extras*
1. (1000 rps)      250      10           5t         10          None
2. (2000 rps)      500      20          10t        15          None
3. (3000 rps)      750      30          15t        20          None
4. (4000 rps)     1000     40          20t        25          Character makeover
5. (8000 rps)     1500     80          40t        30          Character makeover
6. (10000 rps)   2000    100         50t        40          Character makeover and custom item
7. (12500 rps)   2500    125         60t        50          Character makeover and custom item
8. (15000 rps)   3000    150         70t        60          Character makeover and two custom items
9. (17500 rps)   3500    175         80t        70          Character makeover and two custom items
10.(20000 rps)  4000    200         90t        80          Character makeover and two custom items

* In lieu of your custom items, you may have 100T (per item) deposited into your character's bank account instead.

In some cases, such as a case of character PK, you may be offered one of the packages free of charge. You will have the option to upgrade this package using your rolepoints (cost = the package price - the price of the package you were issued). You generate this package in the same way as a regular veteran character purchase.


To purchase a veteran package, your account must be in good standing and you must either have the rolepoints, or have had a free package issued to you. You may access the purchase system through the 'spend rolepoints' option of the play menu and indicating 'Purchase a veteran character'. At this time you will be presented with the packages currently available to you. After picking the package of your choice you will be placed directly into the character generator. Following completion of the majority of the character generation process you will be presented with a choice of one of three possible attribute layouts for the character. A final confirmation will then be presented to you requesting that you verify you wish to keep the character. *PLEASE NOTE*: First, you indicate to keep the character, you will be charged any outstanding rolepoints at this time. No refunds will be granted past this point; Second, you may only roll a veteran character using the veteran character generator once every 72 hours.

A successfully generated character will be placed in an OOC lounge to spend their GSP, credits, attribute points, and receive any extras that they are entitled to.

Additional Information


This command adds your character to the Chopping Block, which is a list of characters volunteered to be gratuitously killed at GM-run events or by GMNPCs interacting with the gameworld. Characters killed in this manner are eligible to receive a free Veteran Character package.

NOTE: Characters NOT on the Chopping Block are NOT invulnerable to being killed during events or by a GMNPC. It only allows the GMs to know who is willing to allow the entire process to run more smoothly if it comes down to character death.


@retire is not retroactive, nor can it be undone. Once you make the choice to retire your character, they will be irretrievable.
@retire is limited to one use per account, per year.
@retire will award a VC package of "base - 1", which means the max cap for an @retire VC package is a level 9.
@retire does not replace @chop, which is still an option for those who would like to utilize it.
@chop, as compensation for the willingness to forward a GM's story when needed, will still be eligible for a level 10 VC, where appropriate.

RP aspects of @retire:

@retire provides you the opportunity to give a final emote before your character "leaves", so if you'd like to "wave a fond farewell you may do so. Simply type in whatever would normally follow the : in your emote.
@retire gives you the option of either leaving or not leaving a corpse, depending on how you choose to end your story. This will present as a y/n prompt.

A reminder that any abuse can result in this being restricted from your account.

In addition to the once-per-year limit, recently recovered characters who were previously deleted cannot be retired - a character must be on your playlist for at least six months before the character is eligible for retire.

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