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Archery Target Changes

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This post is to hopefully make you reconsider or lessen the changes made to the archery target. An archer simply -cannot- fully function outside the target with 1000 sp invested. The guide posted here: Archery Guide on the wiki probably gives the most efficient way to get a full rotation. Assuming that an archer has their archery in 1st slot, the MINIMUM SP needed to get all of the shots unlocked is 1606SP. That's the bare minimum, with no defenses, and very little utility from the gauges/timings other than what's required for prerequisites. 

1000 SP a) doesn't provide you any of the damage boosts from lessons in the shots b) doesn't provide you with enough SP to get a full rotation against humanoids.

I think the staff made the change to force archers off the target at some point, but the bar you set is just too low. My recommendation is to either increase it to at least 2000-2500 SP to allow archers to get a full rotation plus some wiggle room. (Newbies aren't going to know to follow that guide to the tee.) OR allow the use of the target past that threshold at significantly lower SP gain than elsewhere to incentivize leaving the target.

Topic starter Posted : 10/10/2022 12:58 PM
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I'm a very bad source for anything archery, I tried it once back in the early 2000s when it had half the skills it does now, but... Would trimming back the prereqs and dropping Basic Shot to easy maybe help with this?

Just looking at the skills chart on the Wiki, that is absolutely a lot of prereqs for the only handful of moves in the skillset, and not having an easy attack whatsoever is pretty punishing for early game. There may still be an SP threshold increase that's needed in addition to those kinds of changes, but I feel like just making a new archer able to start shooting things earlier would be a bigger help. The whole reason I ditched archery when I tried it before was because it was such a boring early game experience: you basically had to stick to the target for a really long time, and that's not a fun way to play the game. For that reason, I feel like the answer isn't just making them able to stay on the target longer, the answer should be getting them viable elsewhere sooner.

Posted : 10/10/2022 2:22 PM
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It also only accounts for the first 1K SP you learn total on the character. If you are more than 1K into combat skills and then pick up archery, the target gives you nothing. 

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Posted : 07/15/2023 10:01 AM