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Suggestion: Battlefield Mobs

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I am curious how the community would feel about randomly having Soldiers and Vigiles spawn in the battlefields around Monlon and doing battle with the Kelestians. I feel like it is a bit empty because its only PCs fighting, but the protectors of Monlon and the Republic kind of just let it go. I felt the same way about Franilus. It would make sense to see a soldier or 2 on the battlefield fighting against the enemy as well as the PCs.

Now, I am not saying anything close to a 1 to 1 spawn rate, I just mean when you are fighting in a square, have a small change of a soldier or vigile wander in and fight the Kelestians as well. Just for a bit of realism sake. I fully expect them to get overrun and knocked out. I do not think they would be anywhere close to turning the tide of battle. Just have them spawn with similar or slightly lower ranks/stats than the Kelestians, so given a normal fight they would lose. I am not looking for an NPC hunting buddy here, just some randomness and uniqueness to the battlefield. Kind of like when you hunt the Sea Caves and the critters start fighting the humans there. it just makes things interesting.

And on the issue of the Republic Defenders items, once the soldier/vigile is knocked out, use the same mechanic where the Kelestians drag off their KO comrades. Just do it for the soldier/vigile and make it instant. This will avoid people looting them and getting contraband or anything.

Anyone like the idea, dislike the idea, have a better idea?

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Topic starter Posted : 09/19/2022 6:37 PM
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How about just some room echos?

Posted : 09/20/2022 1:31 AM
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Posted by: @archmagi

How about just some room echos?

I like this idea, I don't like making another area where archers can't hunt since they'll be at risk of getting warranted from stray shots. I do think there should be echoes there though.


Posted : 09/20/2022 8:45 AM
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