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Cooking level and Meat Quality

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I have been wondering something about meat quality when skinned and cooking. And since there is not really a way for me to test it efficiently, I figured I would just ask the Staff.

We know meat has quality levels when skinned just like hides and pelts do. Generally we assume this is tied to value at the vendor. Since we can eat food though, I was wondering if it had any effects on hunger levels when consumed too. The same applies to the "quality" of cooking when prepared.

So my questions are as follow, to see if there is a mechanic difference or just a role-play difference between these things.

1) Does quality of the meat have a mechanical affect when consumed?  Would a piece of meat that is excellent quality offer more bites or provide more "hunger mitigation" per bite than say, a decent quality piece of meat. I have not seen a difference in number of bites between meat from the same animal in my experience though.

2) Does cooking expertise provide any mechanical affect to food when it is consumed? Would a poorly cooked piece of meat provide more food or more hunger mitigation than an expertly cooked piece? Or are the different cooking techniques purely a cosmetic/role playing vehicle for character?

So really, is meat quality and cooking purely cosmetic/role-play centered, or is there any advantage to it from a mechanical standpoint?


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Topic starter Posted : 03/23/2022 7:50 AM
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a well skinned piece of meat is bigger, than a poorly skinned piece of meat, by weight (according to a post from the past)

A well cooked piece of meat did not reduce the quality of said piece of meat.


So... on a purely mechanical standpoint... you get more food out of the same piece of meat, if you both skinned it better, and cooked it without fail.

The echos are just role playing fluff though

Posted : 03/23/2022 1:42 PM
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Is the "More mouthfuls per piece" number related to quality of skinning? Or is it Fail roll = X number of bites, success roll  = Y number of bites?


I fail the skinning roll (Extremely poor quality), the meat only has 2 portions. But if I pass it has 5. 


I fail the roll (Extremely poor quality) it has 2 portions. If I get a Below-average cut, it has 3 portions. Decent cut, it has 4. Good has 5, Great has 6 and Excellent has 7?


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Topic starter Posted : 03/24/2022 6:48 AM