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@chop and @retire

GameMaster Admin

We'd like to mention that now is a great time to check your @chop status.

If you are not currently on chop and have a character that could potentially benefit from a fiery demise, you may want to go ahead and get yourself on the list.

If you find one of your characters listed from a evening of far too much posca at Pego's and you didn't really intend for them to find their end - I would also encourage you to request the removal of that character to prevent an untimely end.
*A reminder that you are granted a one-time @chop removal, so please add yourself wisely.

As a reminder, placing yourself on @chop allows staff to utilize your character's death for the furtherance of a plot line (or, let's be honest - sometimes gratuitous violence). Characters that offer themselves up as event fodder are rewarded for their sacrifice with a Veteran Character (VC) package, which can go up to level 10.


This is also a good opportunity to remind folks of the newish @retire option. Using @retire allows you to end your character's story on your own terms. You have the option of simply walking off into the sunset after a final emote, or for a small RP cost, you can leave behind a corpse for friends and family to mourn over.

When you select the @retire option, you'll also receive a VC package. You can check the value of your @retire character by entering the @retire menu (please be sure to select N if you do not want to retire) or by submitting a ticket with a request for the information. Note that there is a Level 9 cap for the VC reward when you choose this option.

Topic starter Posted : 05/01/2021 10:30 PM