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[Closed] Refer-a-Friend Promotion

GameMaster Admin

We'd like to announce the new Eternal City Refer-a-Friend promotion!

You'll earn these base rewards when you refer new players to the game:

  • Refer a friend who creates an account - get 25 RPs
  • If your referral becomes a paid account by the end of the trial period - get 25 StP
  • If your referral becomes a paid premium account by the end of the trial period - you get 50 StP and your referral gets a free RP prop (a fancy vest, a special pipe, etc.)

Please have your new referral shoot an email to cs@eternalcitygame.com and let us know either your account or character name.

Have a lot of referrals? Once you refer five new players who create accounts and check out the game, you'll get a 200 RP bonus. And if you refer five paid premium accounts, you'll earn yourself the choice of a free level 4 VC package OR a free extra character slot.

In addition to referring new players, you'll also be able to earn RPs and StPs by mentoring both new and returning players. This could be your own referral or any new character or characters returning from a long absence. Not only does spending time helping these folks hit the ground running increase the likelihood of them converting to a paid account and helping you earn your bonuses, but it also helps grow our community, which means more personalities with which to RP and interact.

To help reward these actions, staff will be watching for examples of mentorship - answering a number of questions in OOC chat, guiding a new character around the gameworld, taking a newbie hunting, etc. We will be awarding RPs and StPs as appropriate in these situations.

Additionally, we'll be speaking directly to new players to ask if anyone sticks out in their mind as being extra helpful, and providing RP and StP awards for those folks, as well.

Along with the implementation of the OOC chat channel, the Auxilii is now under new leadership - being co-managed by Bethanie and Aezenor, who will be recruiting new members soon. If you're interested, seek one of them out, or listen for the announcement.

Topic starter Posted : 04/07/2021 9:25 PM