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GM Pranzor
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Message 4319 ($mail_message_419757) on *news:
From: Pranzor
To: *news
When: 7:06 pm, Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Subject: Staff and Player Accounts and PvP and OOC Chat
Please be aware that player and staff member accounts are completely separate. Staff members who wish to engage in the
game as players should have the freedom to do so without the fear of continuous harassment or bullying from any
individual or source. If a player is discovered harassing another player or staff member, or attempting to associate a
staff account with a player account, their account will be banned immediately without any further discussion. The same
immediate ban applies to anyone caught impersonating a staff member. We are all responsible adults here, and you are
invited to enjoy the game as long as you respect the rules.

Staff members playing as players are expected to follow all the rules that regular players are required to follow.
Therefore, any disputes should be resolved in a manner that is consistent with their character in the game.

While instances of acceptable PvP are not common, I'd like to illustrate a recent scenario where PvP did not amount to
griefing. A group had been engaged in a hunt at a specific location for a considerable duration when an additional
player entered the scene. This new entrant spotted a creature, which the group was combating, possessing a valuable
item. Despite the group's insistence for them to depart, the newcomer decided to pursue the item. Ignoring the group's
plea, they continued their assault on the NPC holding the valuable item. In response, a member of the hunting group
incapacitated the newcomer who was targeting the valuable item. The group did not take any items from the newcomer. This
incident does not qualify as griefing.

The OOC chat channel has been reactivated, but please remember to follow our rules.

Topic starter Posted : 04/24/2024 7:38 PM