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My Kudos to you all

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While we as a community are celebrating our ThreeSeas anniversary I had a small anniversary I wanted to share with you folks. Over two years ago I started the process to become a Story Guide.

In that time I have run events of varying sizes, written stories and characters from the silly to serious, built areas of the gameworld, supported player events, ran open roleplaying events where the idea was to set a time where we could reward characters for story progression, and more.

I am extremely grateful to the players who were willing to engage and gave me a chance early on as I started and who submitted SG feedback which I used to improve my processes. From loss, love, death, consequences and conflict in the Eternal City we tackled them all together. I can only hope you have all enjoyed them as much as I did watching how they all unfolded in our shared storytelling inside of the game.

Looking forward to many more years of stories with you all.

Topic starter Posted : 08/11/2021 12:27 PM
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It was a lot of fun to interact with you while here, hope you keep it up as time goes on.

Posted : 08/11/2021 2:10 PM
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