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Citizenship Registration

GameMaster Admin

Attention (full) citizens of Iridine!

Located in the western end of the Records Office, a new record-keeper, Maxillion, has recently moved into his office.

Maxillion will, for those who already hold actual Iridine citizenship, register your name. He will then share your name with reputable shop keepers within Iridine City and Quartz Heights, and those shopkeepers will offer you a 10% discount on your purchased items.

The fee for registering your name on the "Citizens Discount" list, is two talents, which you will need to be carrying with you.

Maxillion's door is located along the southern wall of the Records Office, west-ish of Seneda's Bank, and north-ish of the Basilica.

Topic starter Posted : 02/21/2021 1:44 PM