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Gear Alteration Package

GameMaster Admin

A player recently requested that we provide a "gear alteration package" that would allow players to get a group of gear altered all at the same time as long as it shared the same theme. As an example, maybe you'd like to attend a special fight night dressed as a ladybug, but don't want to spend a year of singular requests in order to collect the look.

Or maybe you're planning to attend a fancy party or a date night, and you'd like a full "look" to impress your mate.

Due to this request, we'll now offer a "Themed gear alteration package" at a cost of 2,000 RPs or 1,000 RPs for basic and premium accounts, respectively.

With this package, you'll be able to request up to 5 pieces of gear or clothing all at the same time. These items must all share the same "theme" or overall look. IC costs still apply, and there is a limit of one package per year.

This has already been updated on this master document for RP expenditures.

Thank you for sending in the suggestion! We encourage players to continue to share their ideas for consideration.

Topic starter Posted : 02/25/2021 12:43 PM
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