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[Closed] Current & upcoming projects

GameMaster Admin

Hi folks -

A few updates we're currently working on that I wanted you to be aware of.

In the next little bit we'll be rolling out a new referral program. We're currently finalizing the details, but there will be opportunities to earn both RPs and StPs, as well as bonuses like VC packages.

Speaking of StPs, starting on Friday, we will be reducing the StP cost to purchase attributes. Instead of one attribute point for 50 StP, each attribute point will now be 25 StP.

We're also currently building out an OOC channel for the game, as well as frameworking the guidelines around its use. This will be a monitored channel so that folks can ask OOC questions, get additional help, etc. I'll be posting the finalized details before it goes live, and you'll be able to opt out of the channel if it's not beneficial to you.

During my Welcome Room pop-ins over the last couple of weeks, I've hinted at other things currently being worked on by staff. So that everyone is aware of what's going on there, I'll offer a few extra teases:

- The review of laws, and associated mechanics, jail times, etc. has started. The constable Legate has approached the Senate to get clarification on certain laws (including the ever-debated "legality" of the alleys). You may even be invited to attend a couple of Senate debates to hear arguments from both sides.
- Combat review is currently under way, and you should start to see announcements of updates and tweaks over the next few months.
- You'll also soon see NEW skills in use IG, that will be open to players down the road. There are a few NPCs who want exclusive access to them first, and they are looking forward to using them on you.  😉 
- Of course you'll want to see these new skills in action - and that'll be through new hunting grounds, natch.

There are other things we're cooking up, but what I've listed above are things I know are nearing completion, and I feel comfortable giving the larger hints about your impending doom. I mean, implementation. 🤐 

Topic starter Posted : 03/24/2021 2:24 PM
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