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OOC Chat Feature Now Live

GameMaster Admin

Hi folks -

Our new OOC chat channel feature is live. This is a monitored channel and all game policies apply, very similar to the Welcome Area. This means no sharing player/account information, no sharing private in-game information (i.e. no saying your character is unconscious in BHC, plz send halp), no cursing, no bullying or harassment, etc.

If you violate the channel policies, you will be restricted from its use.

This channel is to give players the opportunity to ask questions that can be easily seen by the community/staff, as well give you the opportunity to chatter while playing.

It's been asked if this will replace the Auxilii or the Aux chat feature, and the answer is no. The Auxilii is an IG organization with a small OOC component, so they will continue to operate as-is. The role of Trustee, which had already been mostly phased out a number of years ago, will no longer be necessary with this addition.

To leave the OOC channel, simply type TOGGLE-OOC and to rejoin the channel, you'll only need to type OOC <message> which will add you back.

Your character name will display if you are logged into the game proper, and your account name will display if you are logged into the Welcome Area. Wearing a cover will not hide your character or account name.

Topic starter Posted : 03/26/2021 9:23 AM
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